Best Cheap Walkie-Talkies

Today Walkie-Talkies (2-way radios) are widely used for making a connection in stores, building yards, salesrooms, and offices, for security service, etc. Recently radios are used for outside activities such as tourism, fishing, hunt, bicycling, alpinism and so on.
Also, today many parents buy walkie-talkies to stay in touch with their children. There are a lot of variants of devices to achieve these results which are cheaper than usual mobile phones, but have all the necessary functionality and even more.

Best Cheap Walkie-Talkies – Comparison Table

The List of the Best Budget Walkie-Talkies

1. Amcrest Baofeng ATR-22 Two-Way Radios – Our Best Pick


This radio is more professional than the previous. It is extremely strong; it can find and control two channels in the common frequency range at the same time.


  • 128 store channels.
  • 154 subchannels.
  • Li-ion battery.
  • Inboard PM receiver (25 stations).
  • Voice prompt.
  • Low battery indication.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Can be hooked on a belt.
  • Can be packaged with intense battery.


  • Heavyweight.
  • Not intend for children.
  • Not waterproof.

2. Floureon 4 Packs 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two Way — Best for Family


If you want to stay in touch with your children without roaming or keep control of them in hypermarket or, maybe, you just wish not to lose them on a fest, then this walkie-talkie can be an ideal solution in many instances.


  • Quite large frequency range (up to 3 km).
  • High clear liquid-crystal display.
  • Adjusted volume.
  • 22 channels.
  • Much cheaper than a basic mobile phone.


  • not good enough for too long distances and bad weather states.
  • cuts-ff are possible in relief areas.
  • 6*AA Batteries Not Included.

3. Belsouth T388 Walkie Talkies – Best for Kids


Light, easy-to-use and suitable for small children hands walkie-talkies will accompany your family during outside activities, on festivals or even in a hypermarket. They could be a great gift for Christmas or birthday for little children who like to play and for caring parents who want to stay in touch with kids without buying expensive mobile phones.


  • High-quality.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Small size.
  • Battery condition indicator.
  • Inboard LED flashlight.
  • Can be hooked on a belt.
  • Clean sound.


  • Buyers are satisfied with buying Bobela T388

4. Qniglo Q168 Walkie Talkies – Best for Outside Activities


This walkie-talkie will be an ideal solution for those parents who know the worth of money but want to be in touch with their children or for those who just want to make them an interesting present. Qniglo Q168 is cool for different games such as “cloak-and-dagger agents”, “police”, “reconnoiter” etc. and for outside family activities as well.


  • Large frequency range (over 3 km).
  • Liquid-crystal display.
  • 22 channels.
  • Lovable white and red design.
  • Easy to use and to carry on.
  • Easy to recharge.


  • Works only in the open area.
  • Doesn’t have first responders channels.
  • Periodic communication countermeasure.

5. Walkie Talkies LT-316 – Best Value VS Features


Last but not least walkie-talkie is the most expensive of this list but the most powerful. It is intended for long family trips in almost any weather conditions. Will be an ideal solution for those who care about comfort and want to find the smallest walkie-talkie with maximal functions package.


  • Ultra-thin, flat and light-weight.
  • Easy to carry on.
  • The antenna is integrated into a strong plastic dust-tight case.
  • Frequency range up to 6 km.
  • High duty drivers.
  • Smart Charger.
  • Voice activation.
  • Low battery indication.
  • Noise reduction system.


  • Accidents happen, but essential disadvantages are not found.

Buyers Guide

Things to check before buying Cheap Walkie-Talkies

  • The purpose of the radio identifies the device type and its key features. Before going to the shop decide what needs do you have about walkie-talkie.
  • Frequency band affects a range of action. Fabricators usually point maximal distance range on the expectation of ideal conditions – definition, open area, clear weather. The actual range is always under the nominal value, especially in town, where restrained urban conditions and strays negatively affect this parameter.
  • Size and weight identify the comfort of carrying the walkie-talkie. The more compact and lightweight device is, the more comfortable it is used. At the same time, semi-professional and professional walkie-talkies can’t have small dimensions. Find the balance between capability and density. Mark – radio sets in hand.
  • For many buyers, the price is one of the most critical factors for buying Walkie-Talkies. The high cost can be a quality attribute, but first of all, you should pay attention to the fabricator. Companies that are on the market for a long period care about reputation and often release advanced products at low cost.


Mistakes to avoid before buying Cheap Walkie-Talkie

Not reading reviews

Before buying the product read reviews. It can help you to decide what kind of product you need. Reviews give all pros and cons, help to stem a risk of buying a defective Besides a lot of reviews means that the product is known and goes well.

Buying from unknown stores

Before the purchase, pay attention to the fabricator. Well-known stores sell certified devices which can work with sharp variations in temperature and different weather states.

Bad research

While buying any Walkie-Talkie, pay attention to its appearance. The device should not be scuffed or cracked. A battery charger should be as a set. Pay attention also to channels count. Preferably, there should be a coding function to protect your talks from any wiretaps.


Buying a walkie-talkie, first of all, decide on what conditions it will be used. In light of this decide what functions are necessary for you and find the radio which accommodates your needs. Pay attention to its features and read reviews about its disadvantages. And you won’t be mistaken.

Good luck!