Two-way radios or walkie-talkies (as they called in the vernacular) take very important part in our lives in the field of providing wireless communication. Radios are used by civil service as well as by civilians across the full range of situations. Most-coveted the radios are where no cellular service is provided. Radio station device lets you generate and receive RF signal of the particular frequency band at the same time. There are several groups of walkie-talkies: professional, semi-professional, amateur, automobile, tourist etc.

Additionally, walkie-talkies can be license-free or those that need a registry. Generally, license-free radios are limited with power and number of free channels. It is important to understand that there is no cross-functional device which is working perfectly under any conditions. Some radios are well fitted for open area work and at the same time are unsuitable for city center and also the other way around.

In spite of the expansion of mobile service, walkie-talkies became very spreading in a lot of fields. They are necessary where not stable cellular service is provided and have a variety of advantages because they provide a fast and dependable signal. Walkie-talkies are used by climbers, tourists, forwarding agents, guardians and so on. A wide variety of radios with different assignments is exposed by Cobra Electronics Company.

There are a lot of beginners on the contemporary market like tti, President, Albrecht, Cobra etc. But a nonadvanced level of these brands doesn’t mean that they have low quality. Oftentimes there will be more chances to buy good radios at low cost from unknown fabricator than from a famous brand.

These, recently appeared on the market radios are fitted with the newest capability, developed and made in a professional manner.

The uncertainty of brand doesn’t mean that this company can’t become more popular in a year or two of hard work.

Cobra radio station is notable for its unique frequency range and large function package.

Separate handle for driver strengthening provides your partner the most convenient signal reception. Built-in Noise Blanker and ANL filters take care of your reception quality. These radios have also the Sound Tracker function which lets you protect yourself from background noise. In spite of this RF Gain control element optimizes reception in both strong and low signal.

Cobra radio stations have all rare functions for walkie-talkies. They include the availability of watch, alarm clock, countdown timer, self-check mode of some tech specs (operating voltage level, power outturn test, antenna test), solid scan and top-priority scan function, Talk Back External Speaker function which lets you hear your own voice during transmit.

Maximal informative bright and large display allows you to choose 4 variants of highlighting and beside that you can set against hardness and brightness. All information is depicted on the screen: operating channel, frequency range, intonation, receive-transmit level, watch, activated alarm clock, on and off anti-aliasing filter and in case of emergency there can be information about off-tuned antenna and activated radio functions.

We suggest you our list of best Cobra Walkie-Talkies for you to get acquainted and choose the one that you need.

List of the Best Cobra Walkie-Talkies:

Cobra ACXT145 Walkie-Talkie

The frequency band is up to 16 miles – the extended rating guarantees long frequency band around sixteen miles.

10 NOAA weather channels help you to be alerted to any weather changes from rain to storm with the help of built-in receiving set providing a sweep of most governmental weather channels.

Conformational tone points at the end of a voice message from one person and male a signal for another person to talk.

Unique operation scheme of battery work prolongs longer charge. After 10 seconds without delivery, the device will be automatically switched over to a battery save mode.

Size: 1.5 x 2 x 5.2 inch.

Weight: 2.24 oz.

Retevis RT27 Walkie Talkies FRS Radio

Dependable insertion. Can work with no troubles even if you fling it down at freezing temperature for many times.

Loud and crystal-clear sound. Voice compounding technology provides volume and definition of sound.

22 channels give you a wide choice of radio stations so you can choose any of them you want and use.

Scan function helps you to find alike frequency shifts which connecting fast and easy.

VOX function lets to keep your hands free and regulates VOX level. It can also control background signal.

Monitor function helps you to block low-power signal so you can talk easily.

Accumulator capacity is large. The device can fork up to 13 hours. Save function helps you enhance time of using the walkie-talkie.

Cobra CX312 Walkie-Talkie

Ultrasensitive reception at long range.

Fascia panel buttons provide easy access to all 22 channels.

Automatically switch off low deliveries and control background signal.

Easy display view provides radio status at the first gaze.

Lets to use wall recharter or driver/microphone for headphones, which are not included in a package, for loudspeaker mode work.

Size: 1.6 x 2.4 x 6 inch.

Weight: 3.52 oz.

Cobra ACXT645 Walkie-Talkie

The frequency band is up to 35 miles. Expanded range of the waveform with combinations of 3124 channels.

10 weather channels NOAA help you to be alerted to any weather changes from rain to storm with the help of built-in receiving set providing a sweep of most governmental weather channels.

Waterproof. Developed for waterproof standards IPX4/ JIS4

VOX voice transfer helps to keep your hands free for more important tasks.

Built-in light-emitting-diode torch.

Overcharging battery 3AA (included in the package)

Cobra Electronics CXT545

New durable walkie-talkie from Cobra Electronics helps you to be alerted to storms and disturbance situations thanks to built-in receiving-set NOAA.

Built-in light-emitting-diode torch and rubber-impregnated handles provide expanded capability to keep you moving.

VibrAlert informs you about an incoming call in the noisy and calm environment.

Waterproof specification lets you be prepared for any weather changes.

Voice transfer helps to keep your hands free for more important tasks.

Altogether there are 3124 channels combinations.

Walkie-talkie includes rechargeable NiMH battery.

Size: 1.7 x 2.6 x 6.7 inch.

Weight: 5.6 oz.


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Claire Dallas
Thanks, guys! After your website I've bought Motorola MH230 walkie-talkie. What can I say... I'm fully satisfied with the choice! Thanks!
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Chose BaoFeng BF-888S - 6 packs. They are cool! Thanks for your info
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Those pinky BELLSOUTH T388 are perfect for my girls ) They are playing with them all the time)

Was looking for a quality long-range walkie-talkie. Found you website, received the information which I was looking for! Great! BTW my choice was Cobra CX312

Tom PA

Website helped, thanks!


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