Best Headset Walkie-Talkies

Hand-portable radio is designed first of all for use in the capacity of the mobile device. It has self-contained power (batteries/accumulator), relatively small size and weight, what lets you carry it without any problems for a long time and can be fitted with other attached appliance for the convenience of carrying (e.g., the possibility of garniture addition or hip grip)

On the downside is relatively short distance and small power (in comparison with stationary radio) coupled with the need of recurrent power sources checking (when it is not possible to change the dead battery or top off the battery, the device becomes almost useless)Whether that are hunt or fishing, location guards or just hiking the hand-portable radio must be close at hand. Herewith it mustn’t detain you.

Our list of the Best Headset Walkie-talkies:

1. Retevis 2 Pin Acoustic Tube Earpiece

  • Feasibility of using the left and right headphone with the same convenient.
  • You can fix the microphone remote control station wherever you want.
  • Clear tubing which is connected to external ear makes you look like secret service agent or bodyguard and protect your health from radio- and electromagnetic waves.
  • Head-phone/driver bears against your ear, and easily protect your conversations from wiretaps.

2. TOMSENN 2-Pin Covert Acoustic Tube Walkie-Talkie Earpiece

Unprecedented audio quality in contrast to any other hand-held radio. Tomsenn radio driver allows absolutely clear sound transmission even in a noisy environment.

2 ways of cooperation with headphones from top brands such as Kenwood, Puxing, Wouxun, etc. Don’t work with Motorola radios.

Easy to use without experience. A built-in microphone which lets you use the device without loudspeaker mode, without errors and omissions, attenuation and frequency hopping.

Gone are the days of bulky ear muffs. TOMSENN presents headphones with ergonomic bungs close-fitting the ear canal which provides you the most qualitative connection.

The wide variety of using – police, non-departmental security service, municipal service of hospitals, bars, restaurants, municipal establishments. The use of these radios is endless!

3. Retevis 2 Pin Acoustic Tube Headset Walkie Talkies Earpiece for Kenwood Radio Baofeng UV

This radio allows you to keep your conversations private with free hands in consequence of adherent headphones.

It is an ideal solution for police, nightclubs, bars, hotels, warehouses and another noise environment.

  • Easy to carry and understandable to use.
  • Can be used with a garniture of most headphone top brands.
  • Fit up with 360° revolting clip

4. Retevis 2 Pin Acoustic Tube Earpiece Headset Walkie Talkie Earpiece with Mic PTT for Kenwood Retevis H-777 RT21 Baofeng UV-5R UV-5RA 888S

  • The driver is located on a long cord that allows you to place it where you want for your convenience.
  • Glassy tubes help you to look like a secret service agent.
  • The comfortable earphone can easily be placed in the ear for a long time without damage your hearing
  • Trouble-free connection with many top range brands of headphones.

The device will be an ideal solution for secret enterprises, nightclub security, supermarket watching or just for extreme tourism where you need to stay in touch with your group with free hands.

Size: 5,9 x 4,7 x 0,7 in

Weight: 3.2 ounces

Sometimes the radio can become clogged and can have problems with sound. To correct it you just need to take the earphone off and purge it with air

5. Midland AVPH3 Transparent Security Headsets with PTT/VOX

  • This headset radio is a perfect solution for loudspeaker mode.
  • The discrete clear design makes it almost imperceptible.
  • Earphones can be wrapped around the ear for more comfortable using than large headphones.
  • Built-in VOX/PTT
  • Comfortable to use with free hands

Size: 1 x 1 x 1in

Weight: 5.4 ounces

Variations of Carrying Walkie-talkies Have Pros and Cons

  • Access to the radio is convenient on the belt, where short antennas don’t bump into the body and clothes. For conversation, you just have to take the radio in hand, and it will work more effectively. On the downside is that you may not notice if you lose your walkie-talkie.
  • On the chest upon the overalls or in the inside pockets. In this case, radio is hard to lose, freeze or break. On the downside is a deficiency of access to settings.
  • Behind the back by use of a strap. The only pro in this way of carrying is the absence of conflict with apparel. As for the rest, it consists of all downsides of over-the-shoulder carrying including coupling efficiency (just like belt carrying).

That is why headset walkie-talkie is becoming more and more popular. This type of radio is convenient for those who want to keep their hands free without fear of losing the device. Small size and lightweight make the radio easy to use fully saving from any transportation problem. Beyond that, these features can easily make the radio almost invisible so you can stay in touch with your partner secretly.

Comments: 3
  1. Shannon Watson

    Retevis 2 Pin the price to have a button that blinks when you talk to the other side.

  2. Maureen Gabriel

    I’ve always used a bluetooth head set TOMSENN with a portable radio to talk to the client at other locations.

  3. Gwendolyn Aguilar

    Retevis 2 Pin. Great price. Walkie talkies were the way to go before cell phones became prevalent.

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