Best Kenwood Walkie-Talkies

A lot of people believe that walkie-talkies are needed only for police officers or special-service agents and also for wealthy men as a toy, which looks like a black box with a long antenna. But it’s definitively not in the present day. Times, when such communication tools were in the order of military, national security environment, or only sufficient men are gone now. And walkie-talkies became an available device for many people. That is why there are so many radio fabricators that appeared on the market. But how to choose between them? We will try to help you with this question.

List of the Best Kenwood Walkie-Talkies for you:

1. Kenwood PKT-23 Walkie-Talkie

Radio is intended for semi-professional and personal using. Fitted with encoded noise preclusive condenser and Li-on battery, which can work for two days. A strong case is made from aluminum chassis that makes the walkie-talkie shatterproof and dust-protected.

Radio has built-in LED-flashlight, which can be used as a flare or alarm signal.

Kenwood PKT-23 comes with all common functions of Kenwood ProTalk, including warning of calls, channels scan, frequency domain, VOX function, Loudspeaker mode, wireless cloning, and SuperLock Kenwood mode, which averts circumstantial channels switching. Channel confirmation mode reports you about channels table number, program number, scrambler, and adjustment of selected VOX channel.

2. Kenwood TK-3230 Walkie-Talkie

Convenient for carrying wherever you go. This walkie-talkie has a quite ergonomic design; it is compact to keep because of its lightweight. Completed with rechargeable Li-on battery and function buttons, which are very convenient in use.

There is encoded noise preclusive condenser for whiskers blocking and a possibility to choose any of previously preserved settings of channels.

Moreover, this walkie-talkie is able to work at the same channels and encoded noise preclusive condensers as other marks of business radios UNF. That is why choosing Kenwood ProTalk you won’t impair your previous investments.

3. Kenwood Original TH-D74A Walkie-Talkie

Radio is fitted with such functions as GPS, watch, wide range/multimode receive, and TFT-display.

IF decantation for receive-transmit improvement. Have high-productive sound handling and voiceprint. Can be connected to Bluetooth, Micro SD, and Micro USB. It has external coding functional and four power modes.

In virtue of a code recognition system and continuous tonal noise-canceling, TH-D74A can work off a 42 acoustical frequency. There can be set up certain types of alarm to get access to the extender, which uses different coding or decoding signals.

4. Kenwood Original TH-K20A Walkie-Talkie

Daily functions are preliminarily programmed to 11 of 12 buttons. There is no need to use the menu; capturing keystrokes will provide you direct access to the necessary functions. In addition, for the unwanted buttons pressing prevention, there are provided three types of key locking.

LCD-display highlighting and keyboard highlighting are the most wanted functions when making a selection of perfect radio, because they simplify using the device in places with failing light.

Built-in VOX function provides you the convenience of loudspeaker mode and automatic adjustment of susceptibility to background noise.

5. Kenwood TK-3400U4P Walkie-Talkie

This walkie-talkie will be an ideal solution for building activity, workforce management, manufacture, warehousing, retail business, and many other branches. It offers 16 channels with 90 UNF frequency shift. Kenwood TK-3400 works on Li-on battery during more than 20 hours if you juice it up in full. It has power for providing connection up to 6 miles and 20 floors.

It is a compact, but the reliable device, which is dust- and moisture-proof and satisfies Mil-STD standards. First of all these radios are intended for all kinds of construction projects. They have a small size and light weight that is why they are so ideally suited for people who need convenience in using.

The package includes:

  • Two Kenwood walkie-talkies.
  • Fast-acting battery charger with the li-on accumulator.
  • AC adapter.
  • Belt gripe.
  • Removable antenna.
  • Secondary regulator cover.
  • User’s manual.
  • Two-years warranty from Kenwood fabricator.

Buyer’s Guide

Kenwood walkie-talkies are perhaps the most known and popular communication tools on the market. The first models started to appear as early as in 1997. All models of this line satisfy strict requirements of vibration and moisture resistance, have melted chassis and rugged case. These radios are convenient in using and preventive maintenance: a lot of modes can be programmed just by a keyboard.

TK and TH Kenwood Two-Way Radios, what is the difference?

Kenwood walkie-talkies can contain in the name TK or TH letters. There is a small difference between them but it is not so important as it may seem.TK Kenwood radios are available over the years. They are kind of simplified devices. There are even some quite ascetic models with no display that have an inferior limit of facilities. Consequently, these walkie-talkies are easy to operate and maintain, they are more dependable and cheaper. Radios of this line are popular among the users of personal communication net, but they are suited for the vocational application.

Kenwood TH models came on the market relatively recently. They have large enough display, either there is implemented a lot of extra functions in this line, like FM-receiving set or voice command for buttons pressure. “Supple” receive-transmit adjustments (frequency grid, scrambling, etc.) let you use these radios for connection with almost every other station. Moreover, each and all Kenwood TH walkie-talkies are completed with extended capacity Li-on battery. These models are advanced radio fans minded.

The model line of Kenwood portable walkie-talkies is quite broad, but the difference between devices is inconspicuous.

Kenwood Two-Way Radios Features

All Kenwood devices pass a durable water and vibration control. Radios have high strength, cast end plate. Small size and weight, dependable accumulator, powerful antenna, qualitative sound, and long frequency band. That is why a lot of tourists, athletes, hunters and other masters of their trade for decades decide on Kenwood walkie-talkies. Qualitative antenna and modern electronics help to stay in touch over the distance up to 25 km. A variety of models has increased the capacity of accumulator and dust – and moisture-proof case. Portable Kenwood walkie-talkies can be programmed with the help of a computer or manual.

We are glad to suggest you our top list of Kenwood walkie-talkies for PRO and amateur levels. Models’ variety of Kenwood provides for radios with different power and frequency range along with single- and double-band walkie-talkies.

Pay attention to every single detail and nave a smart buy!

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  1. Lela Buck

    Any and all Kenwood PKT-23. They can talk to each other, run up and down stairs with no lag, etc.

  2. Lisa Martin

    If you are lucky enough to find one that doesn’t have an electronic alarm, give it to your mom. She is going to use it to torment your brothers for eternity.

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