Best Midland Walkie-Talkies

Midland company presents one of the best walkie-talkies on a domestic market. A wild array of choices and high quality of its production help Midland to stay salable for a long time. And it’s not going to change shortly. Here is our list of the best Midland walkie-talkies.

The List of the Best Midland Walkie-Talkies

1. Midland LXT600VP3 – Our Best Pick

Midland LXT600VP3 is exalted representative in walkie-talkies line from famous radio technique fabricator. This model is made with the compact ergonomic case, which provides not only convenient carrying but also maximal confidence. Midland LXT600VP3 will be a cross-functional solution for a group of people, who need efficient and qualitative connection, for example for security officers, builders, etc.


  • The radio is moisture-, dust- and shatterproof that is why it can be used in almost any weather conditions.
  • Garniture can be connected for convenience.
  • 36 channels.
  • Frequency range up to 48 km. LCD.


  • Accumulator battery.
  • Sometimes can catch another radio wave.
  • Frequent accidents.
  • Transmit button can’t be pressed to use the radio as a baby monitor.

2. Midland GXT1050VP4

Midland GXT1050VP4 is a walkie-talkie which is notable for high transmission power and intended for people who love outside activities. Device case is made of durable plastic in camouflage and is fully moisture-proof.


  • One of the most exciting features of Midland GXT1050VP4 is a possibility to imitate birds and animals voices which can be a useful function for hunters.
  • Radio is fitted with a microphone with whisper mode so you can talk under your breath and your interlocutor can hear you as well as if you whisper.
  • 4 AA accumulator can be replaced with a usual battery.


  • Can’t work constantly more than 12 hours on factory accumulator.
  • The lower the charge of the battery, the smaller transmission distance.

3. Midland LXT630VP3 – People’s Choice

Midland LXT630VP3 is a serviceable companion on any trip. The device is ideally adapted for extreme weather conditions and will help various groups of people who need stable continuous communication in a long distance.


  • The frequency range is up to 30 miles in open area.
  • The radio works on inboard accumulator or on 3 AAA batteries.
  • The case is completed with hip grip.
  • Inboard weather channels scan function will be necessary for any trip.
  • The device is waterproof.
  • Modern designed, made in black color, easy to carry on in hand.


  • Essential downsides were not found.

Midland sale managers will help you to look carefully into walkie-talkie assignment and choose matched one. They not only sail radios but also dial and handle them. With Midland, you will always feel comfortable during any extreme trip in every extreme situation. Choose the best radio special for you and have a good buy!

4. Midland GXT1000VP4

Midland GTX1000VP4 is a walkie-talkie which is notable for wide utility and working range. The device is made with shock and waterproof case, so you can easily carry it even during extreme trips and traveling.


  • Midland GTX1000VP4 provides wide signal reception radius and enhanced battery power.
  • It allows staying in touch with the group for very long.
  • The package includes a pair of garniture that makes communication more comfortable and release from carrying it in hands.
  • It stands to mention a mass of channels so you can “clean” the airway and send an extreme distress signal when necessary.


  • Hip grips are slight.
  • Not Li-Ion batteries.
  • Battery status indicator is lacking.
  • A lot of buyers complain about low-grade garniture.

5. Midland LXT118

Midland LXT118 is one of the most accessible and robust walkie-talkies in the radio contact field. The device can be an ideal solution for those who like extreme outside activities. Midland LXT118 is made of the qualitative moisture-proof case, so you don’t have to worry: if the rain catches you the radio will still be workable.


  • One of the main features of this radio is a high-frequency band which is ranging from terrain and obstacle to signal passage.
  • Midland LXT118 supports spectrum monitoring function and baby monitor mode so you can always find a free channel for communication and look after the child.


  • Essential downsides were not found.

Buyer’s Guide

Things to check before buying Midland Walkie-Talkies

  • Before purchasing any walkie-talkie decide in what conditions it will be used. Don’t choose the radio with features which are not necessary for you. Make a list of functions you need and find that one walkie-talkie satisfying your wishes.
  • Midland walkie-talkie is notable for its wide range. But it stands to mention that in built-up areas a lot of barriers and communication jamming cut noted frequency band. So pay attention to conditions in which the radio will be used.
  • Dimensions of walkie-talkie identify convenience of its carrying. Radio should not be too large and heavy. It should be easy to hold it in hand.
  • Price is one of the main quality parameters. The more functions radio has and the more dependable it is, the more money it costs. But if you are looking for walkie-talkie for your summer house or your children games, you don’t need a professional one with long distance range and full functions package, so you can save your money and buy simple one with reasonable price.

Mistakes to avoid before buying Midland Walkie-Talkie

  • Reviews became an essential part of buying on the internet. Users vent grievances and formulate wishes. After you use it, you will understand why this radio is worthy. So peoples’ reviews are critical to consider before you make a choice. Or you should be ready to meet with some unexpected technical troubles.
  • Buying from unknown stores, you risk being disappointed and deceived. Midland Company is staying on the market for a long time, so you can easily rely on its honor and purchase without any doubt.
  • Anchor companies check all production before sending it on the market but can’t be responsible for all possible damages during transportation. Examine the radio attentively before buying it. The device must not be cracked or scraped. The package must contain all furniture.

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  1. Ralph Braxton

    The best long range walkie talkies were those with a very clear ‘route’ (Midland GXT1000VP4) that vibrated and allowed the user to measure the time it took to call by comparing the vibrations with the ones from the walkie talkie.

  2. Amy Macias

    I’m not sure what the legality is but, if you’re able to walk up to someone and wave to get their attention, that would be a great Motorola MS350R

  3. Lavonda Johnson

    Just go to to this website and get yourself a cheap walkie talkie. You need to get some high end models that cost $300+.

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