Best Smallest Walkie-Talkies

When you go hiking you check everything you take with you all the time because your bag is not rubber and your feet are not iron. But walkie-talkie is an irreplaceable device so you should know how to choose it right. To do this first of all you have to check out its basic features.

Best Small Walkie-Talkies Reviews

1. Uniden GMR1635-2 — Editor’s choice

Uniden Two-Way Radio is an ideal solution for all kinds of travel. It can be hiking, hunting, fishing. Uniden GMR1635 with frequency band up to 16 miles is ready for almost every kind of activity and has 22 channels including weather reports, automated noise-damping for background noise reduction, channels scan function and other convenient basic features like voice-frequency signal and roger signal. The package includes 2 radio stations, six steel-alkaline AAA batteries, 2 hip grips and specification.

Use the radio in camping, hunt or even for connection with another person in the city.

Call signal and roger signal will help you to know when voice receive-transmit is starting and finishing. And noise silencer system protects you from the low signal and uncontrolled noise, generated by local conditions.

2. Floureon 4 Packs 22-Channel FRS/GMRS – People choice

Stay in touch with your group at any time in a remote area, where no cellular communication is provided. 22 channels and long frequency band allow you to stay in touch without any problems.


  • Loud and clear sound.
  • Noise blanking works perfect, turning off all unwanted background noise for you to communicate even in overcrowded areas.
  • The automatic scan function finds radios at the same wave as you in a very short time.

Will be an ideal solution for shopping centers, concert or any other outside activities.

The device depends on weather conditions and area types, but with the power control, you will always be able to handle such hardships.

3. Retevis RT15 Walkie Talkie — Best Walkie-Talkie for Easy Storage (People’s Choice)

The RT15 model of the Retevis brand fills in some of the gaps that could be better is some of its sister radios. Of them, the most easily recognizable thing would be the high volume. Voices will sound from the speakers loud and clear, featuring no clipping or feedback when you’re using the appropriate channel. Possibly surprising, this is accompanied by the very small frame of the device. If it weren’t for the little antenna that’s attached to it, everything would fit into the palm of your hand. One would even think that it wasn’t radio at first glance, it’s that small.

Privacy channels can be accessed, limiting your talk when you don’t want others to know what you’re saying over the radio. But even without it, there will be little interference. However, you won’t be able to depend on this if you’re planning to chatter outside of a 1/2 mile range. The signal would go out and may cut off at an even closer distance when used in a place that has a lot of buildings close by. And there’s no display at all.

Everything you do much be performed with the buttons on the front and sides of the radio. When all of these factors are combined, it’s clear that the RT15 is mostly suitable for people that don’t anticipate taking it out of their residential or work surroundings. It’s certainly strong enough to be used outdoors but not at a long distance.


  • Compact size that easily fits in front or back pockets
  • Good volume levels on high
  • Has no interference during communication


  • Communication distance tends to fade out at about half a mile

4. Retevis RT628 — Best Walkie-Talkie for Color Variety

The Retevis RT628 is sold as a kid’s walkie-talkie. Four color variations make up their choices. But even some adults might be impressed with them. This is a two-way and won’t have a way for you to communicate in any other way. But maybe that’s all you need. The controls are easy enough for most people to figure out fast.

The user manual does do a thorough job of telling the owner how to operate all portions of the radio, without appearing too technical. The LED screen, while basic, will show the signal strength and battery life that’s left. Nothing is off here, and readings are very accurate. The battery will go for about three hours after a full recharge.

Going further into the batteries, the only way to use this it with the rechargeable pieces that come with the radio. You won’t have the luxury of installing your very own for the device. Another flaw that could irritate you is the words shown on the buttons. They may rub off quickly, more so if you’re using it in a hot or humid region.

And channel switching involves going through each of them until you eventually hit the one that you’re looking for. When this happens, you must cycle through them and wait for the right moment to press the Menu option when you see it come on the LED screen. This isn’t the only radio of this type to do this, don’t take it as a major put down to the RT628.


  • Has child-friendly controls that are easy to figure out
  • The LED screen and options available isn’t overly complicated
  • Sold in four color variants


  • Can only be charged with batteries
  • Switching to different channels can only be done by pressing one button at the right time

5. E-wor Walkie Talkies For Kids

This walkie-talkie has a loud and clear sound. The button for conversation start is easy to find and convenient to push.

Cute design and handy size make it a perfect solution for little kids. Radio is intended for children from four years old. Will be a perfect gift for little security agents.

A walkie-talkie is fitted with bright LCD-display, built-n LED-flashlight, headphones connection, battery power saving function and hip grip for convenience to carry.

4 miles frequency band, 22 channels, and small size allow your children to play without almost any limit. And receive/transmit through several different channels will make this game really manifold.

6. Retevis RT-602 Kids Walkie Talkies

This super cute walkie-talkie for kids is very understandable to use. The most important button is very clear to see and it can be pressed uncontested. Intended for children from 5 years old or for people who want to save some free space in their backpacks during the trip.

This radio can help you to stay in touch with your children during shopping in the supermarket or when they play outside. Radios can also be used as a toy.

Long frequency band and small size will make any outside activities approachable so you will able to enjoy perfect communication or an adorable toy without problems.

7. FLOUREON Walkies Talkies Two Way Radios Long Range 1-3 Mile Distance UHF Handheld 2 Set (Black)

This walkie-talkie is more reliable than a mobile phone. You can use this device where the cellular connection is not provided or where is very low. This radio will be your best friend wherever you go because of long frequency range (around 3 miles) and very small size.


  • Radio is fitted with LED-flashlight,
  • Backlit,
  • LCD-display
  • It has a lot of functions like VOX, which makes this walkie-talkie easy-to-use even for children;
  • Channel blocking for the avoidance of pushing buttons by mistake;
  • Roger beep signal and a host of other things.

It will be an ideal solution for almost any activity from shopping in a supermarket to the longstanding journey.

Small Walkie-Talkie Buyer’s Guide

Basic Functions of a Walkie-Talkie

Subtone function

Subtone function cut off the noise of hindrance and other radio signals at the same frequency range as yours. Without this function, you will hear the conversations of people with walkie-talkies pointed to the same radio wave. Consequently, if you are suggested to buy a cheaper radio without CTCSS or more expensive with this function, chose the last one. In another case, you will just burn your money.

Walkie-talkie that works on rechargeable accumulators undoubtedly has more advances but it has one essential minus from the standpoint of tourist. You won’t be able to recharge your device wherever you go. Just as AA batteries don’t weight a lot and have a small size so you can carry them by wide margins without problems.

Vox function

Vox function will help you in extreme situation when you can’t push the button to talk. It can activate sound transmit just while it listens to your voice. The only disadvantage is that background noise can interrupt you. However, this minus has only the cheapest patterns.

Water resistance

Even if you don’t need the walkie-talkie for sailing or fishing, where the risk to drop the device in the water is high, you must be sure that it will be protected from raindrops or some moisture ingress for you to stay in touch in any situation.


In general, any radio must stand the fall at the height of human scale. But some patterns are made from a material that on contact with hands in sweat can often slip out. In case of such regular falls, even the most reliable carcass will be broken in a short time. So pay attention not only to crashworthiness but also to haw handle the radio is.

Convenience of Use

And of course, pay attention to the convenience of use. Walkie-talkie should be the handy size and have a lightweight. Otherwise, your hands will get tired very soon, and you won’t be able to work in full force and effect.

Below you can see our list of beat small walkie-talkies. Get acquainted with it and have a good purchase!

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  1. Maudie Davis

    These small radios are usually packed into a backpack or worn around the neck. That way you can walk and talk with other people (or make phone calls), wherever. They are even small enough to get in pocket phones.

  2. Connie Krause

    New ones. The ones with two serial connectors instead of one. So you can attach them together to make a little radiostation.

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