Best Uniden Walkie-Talkies in 2018

When you are going hiking you constrainedly checking everything you take with you because your bag is not rubber and your feet are not iron. But walkie-talkie is irreplaceable device so you should know how to choose it right. To do this first of all you have to check out its basic features.

For civil communication, there are two frequency bands – 27 mcps megacycles per second and 433 mcps megacycles per second. But transmission range in 433 MHz is not enough in the forest or broken ground. So that is why those who really want to stay in touch with direct vision absence conditions use 27 MHz radios despite the fact that they are heavier and bigger than their 433 MHz analogs.

Subtone function cuts off the noise of hindrance and other radio signals at the same frequency range as yours. Without this function, you will hear the conversations of people with walkie-talkies pointed to the same radio wave. Consequently, if you are interested to buy a cheaper radio without CTCSS or more expensive with this function, choose the last one. In another case, you will just burn your money.

A lot of Uniden walkie-talkies work on rechargeable accumulators and, undoubtedly, have more advances, but they have one essential minus from the standpoint of tourist. You won’t be able to recharge your device wherever you go. Just as AA batteries don’t weight a lot and have a small size so you can carry them by wide margins without problems.

Vox function will help you in extreme situation when you can’t push the button to talk. It can activate sound transmit just listening to your voice. The only one disadvantage is that the background noise can interrupt you. However, this minus has only the cheapest patterns.

Water resistance. Even if you don’t need the walkie-talkie for sailing or fishing, where the risk to drop the device in the water is high, you must be sure that it will be protected from raindrops or some moisture ingress for you to stay in touch in any situation.

Crashworthiness. In general, any radio must stand the fall at a height of human scale. But some patterns are made from the material that on contact with hands in a sweat can often slip out. In case of such regular falls, even the most reliable carcass will be broken in a short time. So pay attention not only to crashworthiness but also how to handle the radio is.

Best Uniden Walkie-Talkies which will suit you

Uniden GMR1635

Uniden 16-Mile Two-Way Radio is an ideal solution for all kinds of traveling. That could be hiking, hunting, fishing, Uniden GMR1635 with frequency band up to 16 miles is ready for almost every kind of activity and has 22 channels including weather reports, automated noise-damping for background noise reduction, channels scan function and other convenient basic features like voice-frequency signal and roger signal. The package includes 2 radio stations, six steel-alkaline AAA batteries, 2 hip grips, and specification.

Use the radio in camping, hunt or even for connection with another person in the city.

Call signal and roger signal will help you to know when voice receive-transmit is starting and finishing. And noise silencer system protects you from the low signal and uncontrolled noise, generated by local conditions.

Uniden SX167

Uniden GMRS / FRS Radios will help you to stay in touch with your family and friends wherever you want. Use them for camping, when you ride a bike, driving a car or even in large stores without paying money like you used to do with mobile phones. Roger signal will help you to know when voice receive-transmit are completed. These walkie-talkies have 22 channels including weather reports. USB-cable and Micro USB for recharging and 6 AAA batteries are included in the package.

 Uniden GMR5095-2CKHS

Be in touch with transmit-receive double-band walkie-talkie from Uniden over the 50 miles distance. It is a brilliant solution for sailing, backpacking, ski touring and other outside activities. These walkie-talkies are handle, light and reliable, not only just water-proof but also fully immersion-proof (can be absorbed in the depth of 3f for more than half an hour). They even float if you throw it into the water. Be on call within a radius of 50 miles in terms of area and obtain admittance to the last-minute meteorological warning from NOAA soy you can easily make plans according to weather changes. The package includes 2 radios and 2 garnitures, hip grip and specification.

Uniden GMR3740-3CK

Two-way Uniden GMR3740 radio is made as light, a reliable and modern device fitted with valuable functions and accessories including double charged support and resistant to the weather conditions shatterproof case. Use it on the sports measures to be in touch with family and friends, during hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities to be informed of any important changes.


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Thanks, guys! After your website I've bought Motorola MH230 walkie-talkie. What can I say... I'm fully satisfied with the choice! Thanks!
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Chose BaoFeng BF-888S - 6 packs. They are cool! Thanks for your info
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Those pinky BELLSOUTH T388 are perfect for my girls ) They are playing with them all the time)

Was looking for a quality long-range walkie-talkie. Found you website, received the information which I was looking for! Great! BTW my choice was Cobra CX312

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