Best Walkie-Talkie for Hunting

Best Walkie-Talkie for Hunting – Comparison Table

Usually, the hunt means work in pairs or in a team. Good communication is a necessary condition of teamwork, that is why hunters certainly need a stable connection. Using portable walkie-talkies you can implement any hunt strategy. You need only to know how to choose the right device.

We made for you our top list of best walkie-talkies for hunting. Get acquainted with it and it may help you to choose the right device special for you.

3 Best Walkie-Talkie for Hunting Reviews

1. Retevis RT-5R walkie-talkie – Our Best Pick


This two-way radio is a paradigm example of a successful combination of style, functionality, confidence and low price. Radio is rewarded as some of the best in its price segment. The transmitter works in two frequency domains, and it can be expanded in a programmatic manner. Even in the event of small weight radio provides stable communication at the frequency band up to 15 km (in the open area). In the city, this number is much leaner and find itself within a range of 3 km.

Walkie-talkie has adjustable power level from 1 to 5 V, FM-receiver, and LED-flashlight. Li-on accumulator lets the device work in a holding mode for five days (in the conservation of energy mode). LCD-display has the highlighting and reflects active frequency, signal power level, involved functions, and battery status. This radio has built-in noise preclusive condenser, inhibit of transmission on a frequency of DCLO activity, frequency shift for work with repeater indicator and so much more.

2. Midland GXT1000VP4 walkie-talkie


This radio is watertight one with a number of weather channels, so it will be an ideal solution to use it during the hunt. Package includes a rechargeable accumulator, cabinet-type recharging unit, garniture, and 12 V adaptor.

Radio has 22 channels. Can work in the water for thirty minutes and has very great power as for portable walkie-talky. The frequency band is up to 36 miles.

Weather channels provide you information about any meteorological changes and emergencies. Whisper function allows you to hear the sound very well even if it is really low.

With this device, you can make not only personal calls but also you can connect with the whole team for the best teamwork, and VOX function will help you to do this with free hands. Can work on Li-On battery or on 4 AA batteries.

3. BaoFeng BF-888S walkie-talkie


This walkie-talkie will be an ideal solution if you want to get effective communication with members of your team. For protectors, it is a good device for conversations in real time. When you are hunting this walkie-talkie will help you to stay in touch with your team and even if you are separate from each other.

Radio works on Li-on accumulator and has charge indicator with reporting function of low battery voltage.

Has 16 channels and energy-saving mode for longer durability of work.

Radio has access to one or two local rebroadcasting transmitters. Can be used for 4 hours in the distance up to 70 km. Can be used with RAYNET, where you need only one or two frequency shifting.

The package includes a personal charging case, hip grip. Headphones, microphone, accumulator, an antenna with SMA connector and 12-page work instruction. Radio is fitted with alerting and LED-flashlight.

Buyers’ Guide

How to choose the walkie-talkie for hunting?

To make the right choice, first of all, you have to decide what kinds of hunt you need the device. Also, you should know that the quality of sound and frequency range depends on the configuration of terrain and weather conditions.

However, the walkie-talkie anyway must be:

  • Dependable – particular selected models must have a capacious accumulator, which provides a long uninterruptible work;
  • Waterproof – full protection from moisture, and partially water resistance are other important criteria of choosing:
  • Stable to the low-temperature effect – for winter hunting will be irreplaceable in the radio, which can work even in hard winter.