Best Walkie-Talkies with Bluetooth

Why do we need walkie-talkies when almost every single person has a mobile phone? The answer is evident. Radio station allows you to get free communication where no cellular transmission is provided or where it is too expensive to speak by mobile phone.

You can say “What about applications which allow using a smartphone as the walkie-talkie?” Well, it is definitely a good function for your device, but how can it help you in places with no WiFi and mobile web? Walkie-talkies are intended just for suchlike situations, so they cannot be replaced so easily.

Bluetooth walkie-talkies take pride of place in radio stations line because of convenience in using. With hided Bluetooth headphone, you can stay in touch with your partner or group secretly. Just put the device in your bag or pocket, wear the headphone and start the covert action operation.

Best Walkie-Talkies with Bluetooth Reviews

1. Midland GXT1000VP4 Walkie-Talkie — Editor’s choice

This walkie-talkie has frequency range around 36 miles in the open areas without buildings or with a limited number of buildings. 50 channels provide you communication everywhere you go, and NOAA weather channels will keep you aware of any weather changes.

142 card verification values and 9 levels of VOX function for work without hands. SOS Siren for sending distress signals in emergencies and 10 different sounds to apprise you about incoming calls.

2. LEIXEN VV-108 Walkie-Talkie

This walkie-talkie is intended for people who want to improve their communication. VV-108 will provide you a clear and well-handled connection. It will be an ideal solution for hotel, business center, hypermarket, hairdressing salon, hospital or any other organization staff to keep the contact between several teams or departments.

Small size and light weight make it easy to carry even in a pocket. So you will be able to hide it in any situation. Just put on the headphone and interconnect secretly wherever you need.

Radio can work up to 8 hours. In the case of discharging, it can be brought up by USB-cable. It’s not only convenient but also inescapable if you don’t want to lose connection at the wrong moment.

3. Midland LXT630VP3 Walkie-Talkie

This radio station includes two 36 channels stations with frequency band around 30 miles. There are two ways of delivery – 3 AAA batteries or one accumulator battery, which make the device flexible. NOAA weather channels will furnish you with information about any weather changes, that is why this walkie-talkie will be an ideal solution for wide variety of outside activities.

Radio has 121 card verification values and gives you a number of channels options for blocking other conversations. Quite work turns off all voice-frequency signals for noiseless work. Power settings let you choose transmission power for saving the time of wireless productivity.

  • This walkie-talkie is waterproof.
  • It has a roger beep signal.
  • Bright LCD-display
  • Channels scan.
  • 5 types of calls.

4. Zello ESchat GroupTalk Walkie-Talkie

This device is very simple to use. General function Push-To-Talk helps you connect with your partner in the simplest way. In a noisy environment, you can use garniture or just more powerful loudspeaker. Keep your phone in your pocket and talk without problems using different mobile applications with the help of Bluetooth.

The radio will provide you clear and loud sound. Noise-canceling function turns off the background noise. Li-on battery retains the charge for 20 hours of actually talking and 500 hours in a holding mode.

Can be connected to any IOS and Android devices through Bluetooth function.

5. Motorola T100 Walkie-Talkie

Understandable and simple in using walkie-talkie will be an ideal solution if you want to stay in touch with your children during walking in a park, camping or when they are just playing in the backyard. This bright radio has a frequency band up to 16 miles and 22 channels, providing you good connection for you to be aware of your kids’ location and safety.

Can be connected to any other radios while you are on the same channel with them. Walkie-talkie has 22 channels, low battery voltage warning, keyboard blocking and several call tones.

Bluetooth function helps to connect the radio to almost any IOS and Android devices.

Can work with IOS and Android devices through the Bluetooth function.

How to Choose the Best Walkie-talkie with Bluetooth – Buyers’ Guide

Read Trusted Resources

Before buying the device try to get as much more information about fabricator as possible. Companies, which are on the market for a long period, always try to keep their names clean, so they will not sail unsatisfactory production. A lot of useful information you can find on websites and forums.

Check for Extra Features

While choosing a walkie-talkie, decide in which environment it will be used because it affects not only on device class but on its functionality too. Every extra function devolves into additional expenditure. But the possibility to connect wireless garniture is one of the really useful functions for walkie-talkie because of convenience to keep your hands free and security of carrying.

Weather Conditions

Buying a radio for using in harsh conditions, take into account its minimal and maximal running temperature.

Look for Models with Displays

When making a selection between professional walkie-talkies, you should pay attention to display availability (a minimum of three-line), noise preclusive condenser, alarm signal function, automatic selection into transmit in emergencies. Recommended garniture is three-wire with an audible pipe.

Understand the Area of Using

Using the radio take into account special aspects of the area. If the radio does not work because of rugged relief than climb on the closest hill. It is not desirable to use a radio near the rocks or electromagnetic emissions.

Use it carefully

Don’t turn on the device and don’t work on the airwaves without an antenna to not damage the radio. Don’t set foreign antennas on it because it will lead to the reduction of frequency range and breakage.

How to Pair With a Bluetooth Headset


These are general rules for using walkie-talkies. Also, we made our list of best radios with Bluetooth to help choose the right one. So pay indebted attention to device features and have a smart buy.

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  1. Christina Clark

    Get a Midland LXT630VP3 with a deuce switch on the front for the walkie talkies and a little boom box thing on the back for when it’s too loud to use your head phones.

  2. Jennifer Evans

    I like buy the getabularies here…they have many bluetooth headphones like LEIXEN VV-108

  3. Melba Cox

    Amazon has some great deals on these these days. I found one for Midland GXT1000VP4. I have two and the buttons are perfect for walking around. I’ve even used it with a pocket watch radio.

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