Best Wi-Fi Walkie-Talkies

Best Wi-Fi Walkie-Talkies – Comparison Table

A two-way radio (Walkie-Talkie) is a device, which allows you to communicate with voice messages over a distance without wires, just with the help of radio waves

One would think “Why do we need it when we all have mobile phones near at hand?” Let’s get a view of where radio traffic can be really useful and even irreplaceable.

Why Walkie-Talkies can be Better than a Mobile Phone?

  • First of all, walkie-talkies is a free communication with no payment for connection and provision of service. In point of facts, one roaming call often comes at a high cost, but you can go without any connection. In the suchlike situation, a walkie-talkie is a great way to save money. You can talk as much as you want for free.
  • In the second place is self-government from operating range. Walkie-talkies can work in the areas which are not included in network coverage or where cellular service is not stable.
  • Thirdly, there are high efficiency and simplicity of connection. You can make a call with just pressing one button, without wasting your time on setting up a number and waiting for a connection. Signal receive is affected
  • And in the fourth place is a possibility to communicate with several people at the same time. Your message will be received by all people who are on the same radio wave as you.

If walkie-talkie supports Wi-Fi function, it is the great plus for it. Wireless information networks open access to many channels, which you have to buy to use. So, if you want unlimited qualitative communication, you should pay attention to radios with this addition.

We made for you our list of best Wi-Fi supporting walkie-talkies. We hope you will draw up something useful, what can help to make your choice.

Our List of The Best Wi-Fi Walkie-Talkies for you:

1. Floureon 22 Channel FRS/GMRS


This walkie-talkie is much more reliable than a mobile phone. It can be used where no cellular communication is provided. No matter if you are traveling out in the wild or driving out of the city you can always rely on this radio station with 22 channels, providing connection without a central network.

Take it wherever you go! Handy size and small weight won’t bother you but will give you a generous frequency band for every kind of activities. Stay in touch with your family and friends during your dealing without worrying about their location.

Radio is really convenient and easy to use even for children. VOX function will transmit your message automatically; you just need to start talking. LCD-display and LED flashlight will be very useful features for using the device in the dark. Channels blocking will help you not to switch needed one by mistake. Package includes a hip grip for you not to lose the radio when you don’t use it.

Loud and clear sound with a noise-canceling function for you to get a high-quality voice to receive/transmit and with the volume control button. Noise preclusive condenser turns off the background noise, so you can easily hear your interlocutor even in crowded areas.

Power adjustment will be very useful when bad weather, iron materials or high buildings prevent the signal.

2. Midland GXT1000VP4


This walkie-talkie is waterproof one with NOAA weather channels, so it will be an ideal solution for traveling out of the city or even for using out in the wild. Package includes a rechargeable accumulator, cabinet-type recharging unit, garniture, and 12 V adaptor.

Radio has 22 channels. Can work in the water for thirty minutes and has very great power as for portable walkie-talkies. The frequency band is up to 36 miles.

Weather channels provide you information about any meteorological changes and emergencies. Whisper function allows you to hear the sound very well even if it is really low.

With this device, you can make not only personal calls but also you can connect with the whole team for best command work, and VOX function will help you to do this with free hands. Can work on Li-On battery or on 4 AA batteries.

3. Midland LXT500VP3


This walkie-talkie is able to work on 22 channels and has a frequency band around 38 kilometers.

Fitted with LCD-display, which images instantaneous state of the accumulator and working state. Has split-level power selection switch, an automatic scan of a frequency channel and keyboard blocking, protecting you from pushing buttons by mistake.

The device can suppress the background noise automatically. The antenna is cast and fixed.

Radio has a headphone jack; Conversations begin with pressing a button. The case is made of strong plastic. The range of running temperature is intensified between -20 C and +60 C.

Radio station works on 4 AAA batteries with volume level within the scope of 4.8-6 B. Energy saving mode lets to stay in touch without charging for a long time. Convenient hip-grip allows you to carry the device on a belt or munitions.

4. Motorola MR350R


This walkie-talkie package includes 2 radio stations which proved themselves to be powerful and really compact. Frequency band attains 35 miles of perfect voice receive/transmit signals.

Radio has 22 channels and 121 subchannels. Fitted with power level switch and can be used with headphones.

LCD-display and backlit keypad make the device convenient to use at the dark time. Can be charged-up with the use of USB-cable. Has built-in LED-flashlight.

5. FLOUREON 4 Packs Walkie Talkies


FLOUREON radios are intended for children and their parents to stay in touch in any environment. A simple, compact and understandable walkie-talkie is an ideal solution for family communication whether you play in the backyard or skiing in the mountain range. Radios have a frequency range up to 3 km and 22 channels providing you good communication to be aware of each other’s location and safety.

These walkie-talkies are tolerant to difficult weather and built-up areas. Radios are made from environmentally-green material for children’s safety. They have power adjustment, clear and loud sound quality with variable-delivery sound pressure level and automatic noise-canceling function for you to get clear sound even in overcrowded areas.

LCD-display, battery condition indicator, hip grip, modern compact design. Screen with highlighting is intended for use in a dark time and built-in LED flashlight can be used as flare or alarm annunciator.