What is the Walkie-Talkie?

The walkie-talkie radio is a two-way device that helps a person to communicate with each other when they are away at a certain limit of distance. They come with different features and designs. As far as the question is concerned, how a walkie-talkie radio device works, the answer is very simple.

The walkie-talkie radio device works just like any ordinary mobile but with some limited features. The device is being used to send and receive short messages.

The best use of radio walkie talkie could be during a tour, either you are going with your family or friends. A person needs to set a radio frequency before to use the radio walkie-talkie device. The instructions usually defined in a mini book that comes along with the device. Sometimes a user need to buy a frequency and sometimes does not. The walkie-talkie radio comes with two options of the battery. Either you can recharge it with a charger that comes with it, or you can use the separate batteries. The both are useful for you.

If you are on a trip then you can go with the option of separate batteries otherwise at home or at near place you can recharge it. The device works over frequency. A person does not need to dial a number. The certain frequency is important to connect with each other. The walkie-talkie device also helps in business.

Best Walkie-Talkie Reviews

While wireless communication is arguably the best form of contact, and very popular, it is surprising that cell phones have not replaced walkie-talkies. The portable, two-way radios are still being purchased for professional use, and for short-range communication, often within a business setting, and also for entertainment. Hunters, for instance, may prefer them while hunting in remote locations, where cell phones are useless, due to the lack of phone reception, and when Wi-Fi’s unavailable.

There is clearly a market for the two-way devices, and finding a walkie-talkie for sale isn’t difficult. There are many high-quality walkie-talkies available to consumers who wish to utilize them for short distance communication. There are high-quality models and cheap walkie-talkies, too. Which one is right for you is dependent upon how you plan to use the radio.

Midland GXT Series GXT 1000P Review

The Midland GXT Series GXT 1000P is the least expensive professional walkie-talkie you can buy. It retails for $8.59 and has 50 frequency channels. The Midland GXT is great or outdoor use, however, if you find yourself hunting in the woods, and surrounded by mountains, then the reception is limited, even though it is marketed as having a 36-mile range. It should be noted that this is only under the best conditions. Users can realistically expect about a two-mile range when conditions aren’t optimum.

A very nice feature of this walkie-talkie is the SOS locator that includes an SOS siren. Additionally, the unit is waterproof, and as part of its survival features, it is able to connect to the NOAA Weather Alert Radio, which is a definite plus. What’s not a plus is the radio’s inability to filter noise. It doesn’t have an auto squelch function. Even though the Midland is a professional grade radio, it is a great choice for children, given the price. It is also small and compact.

Midland LXT Series

The Midland LXT Series jumps in price as compared to the GXT Series. The cost of the LXT is $44.95. The coverage is supposed to be up to 30 miles, and campers and hikers can expect decent coverage across lakes since the range is best over flat water. However, it is more realistic to expect one or two miles of coverage in the woods or the mountains. The Midland LXT has access to 36 channels, including FRS and GMRS. A real pro for this is the unit is its coverage across freeway miles. Users can expect a coverage range of 10 miles, which is not too shabby.

The Midland LXT is waterproof, durable, and will deliver weather alerts from NOAA Weather Alert Radio. It is unfortunate that the Midland LXT doesn’t have emergency functionality. It doesn’t broadcast SOS signals, however, it will receive local emergency alerts.

Cobra CXT Series CXT 390The Cobra CXT Series CXT 390 is the next least expensive two-way radio. Consumers can pick it up for $59.95. The range capability is satisfactory at 23 miles. However, this is much less than many others, since the average range is above 30. The Cobra weighs less than 4 ounces, and doesn’t allow for much distance between you and the second device, though it is great for outdoor activities like camping, and hiking, but probably isn’t the best choice for hunting. In the mountains or out in the woods, users can realistically expect about a mile range that is in-line of sight.

Cobra CXT is also NOAA Weather Radio capable and will send an alert during local emergencies. FRS and GMRS frequencies are accessible on the Cobra, however not without a license from the FCC.

Cobra CXT 1000 Series is more expensive than the CXT 390 and for good reason. It is a better walkie-talkie and doesn’t disappoint for the price. It is a fantastic unit that works for construction workers, and for camping, hiking, and hunting enthusiasts. Even though it isn’t the most expensive walkie-talkie, more expensive models pale in comparison. The CXT’s maximum range is 37 miles, and owners have access to FRS and GMRS frequencies, and also to private channels. Of course, a license from the FCC is required to operate GMRS.

The Cobra comes with a headset for hands-free communication, a LED flashlight, a keypad lock and silent mode are also part of the walkie-talkies features.

It is durable and waterproof (it floats), and has rechargeable batteries and a battery charger; all included. The unit will receive an alert when the battery is running low. In more good news, the Cobra CXT can also use double “A” batteries, when recharging chargeable batteries isn’t possible.

By the way, the Cobra has a record mode, allowing owners to record 20 seconds of an incoming message.

This unit comes with a one-year guarantee. Purchase this walkie-talkie for $85.00.

Motorola Talkabout MU, MR and MS SeriesMotorola produces three professional grade walkie-talkies. The Talkabout MU Series, Talkabout MR Series, and the Talkabout MS Series. The MU series will set consumers back $100 dollars while the MR and MS series each cost $64.99. Here’s how they compare.

Motorola Talkabout MU is the most expensive of the three, and as a matter of fact is the most expensive of all the walkie-talkies we are reviewing. The company boasts that the MU is capable of a 35-mile range, but users shouldn’t count on nearly that far. Expect a range of 1 to 2 miles when in the woods. Motorola’s Talkabout MU has Bluetooth connectivity that is operational with a headset. You will have access to FRS and GMRS frequencies, but not without a license from the FCC.

Access to NOAA Weather Radio is possible with this model, which also comes with an emergency flashlight function. The MU series is a good walkie-talkie for camping.

Motorola Talkabout MR Series isn’t great for the great outdoors, but it does have fantastic emergency features. The maximum range is advertised as 35 miles. Consumers can really expect only about one or two-mile coverage when in the mountains or the woods. It’s not a bad unit for campers, though it is limited by range, as previously mentioned. One drawback is that the MU isn’t waterproof, though manufacturers tout that the 35-mile range is optimum on flat water. Additionally, the belt clip, as compared to other walkie-talkies, isn’t as sturdy or durable. Keep that in mind near the water. Like the other walkie-talkies, the MR series is capable of receiving NOAA Weather Radio and also has an emergency alert function. It doesn’t function as well as other brands.

Hands-free communication is possible with a headset jack. This unit comes with a one-year warranty. Overall, it is not a bad unit for campers or hikers, who keep the limitations in mind.

Motorola MS Series, unlike the MR series walkie-talkie, the MS is water proof and even floats. The top coverage range for the lightweight radio is 35 miles and has 22 channels. FRS and GMRS frequencies are included, but the walkie-talkie doesn’t have SOS functionality. However, the radio will access NOAA Weather Radio and will alert you in the case of a local emergency. The weight of the radio isn’t bad at all; it weighs a half-pound.

There are a couple negatives attached to the MS Series. Attachments aren’t superior. The belt clip, for instance, isn’t strong and will break off easily. A slightly scary aspect of the MS Series is that it isn’t RoHS compliant. In other words, it contains some lead, and may not be the best gear for children. Motorola offers a one-year guarantee with this unit.

Uniden GMR 5000

Uniden GMR 5000 Series will cost consumers $94.99. It is a top of the line walkie-talkie, but it is heavy, but it still floats. This walkie-talkie is also quite durable, with a projected range of 50 miles across flat waters. Users can expect a 5-mile coverage area in the woods or mountains, and the unit has access to both FRS and GMRS frequencies. An FCC license is required to use GMRS.

You will be able to access NOAA Weather Radio with the Uniden GMR 5000, and can also receive urgent notifications, and the built-in LED light can send an SOS signal. Free hand operation is possible with the headset jack, and the unit also allows users to set private codes, which allows you to keep messages private within your core group. Unfortunately, there isn’t a squelch feature. This makes it a little harder to hear messages during high winds or other weather conditions.

The Uniden comes with a battery charger, and the unit only uses the rechargeable battery and is not interchangeable with regular disposable batteries.

Uniden’s warranty only covers 90 days after the walkie-talkie has been used.

 What are the best walkie-talkies on the market?

As previously mentioned rechargeable walkie-talkies vary in price. The price point is directly related to the radio’s capability, including range, and is also driven by which of the brands you are interested in purchasing. The brand will definitely affect price, and while most deliver similar specifications, consumers should remember the old adage; you get what you pay for. This best walkie-talkie review compares models and how they stack up against each other. While reading the review, ask yourself several questions: 

  1. Which radio has the best range?
  2. Which radio is more durable?
  3. Does the radio walkie-talkie require licensing?
  4. Is line-of-sight required for transmission/reception?
  5. Is it digital?
  6. Does it match with who I am?

Professional Walkie-Talkies Review

Retevis RT-5R 5W 128CH
Retevis RT-5R 5W 128CH Review

Up to 128 memory channels

1800mAh Li-ion battery

5W/1W power switcher

DTMF advantages

Simple return process

BaoFeng UV82 Two Way Radio
BaoFeng 2pcs UV-82 2-Pack Review

Frequency: 65-108 MHz

1 Year Warranty

Functions include "VOX"

Function Menu Display

Helpful programming guides

Motorola Business CLS1110
Motorola Business CLS1110 Review

Ideal for businesses

56 frequencies

Rechargeable battery

Up to 200,000 square feet

Key pad lock

Midland GXT1000VP4 36-Mile
Midland GXT1000VP4 Review

50 Channels

Up to 36-Mile Range

120V Charger

142 Privacy Codes

Vibrate Alert.9 Levels of VOX

Yes, what you pay for is what you get, however, the most expensive professional walkie-talkie on the market, isn’t necessarily the best one for sale. First of all, the cost of professional brands is variable. They range in price from as high as $100 to less than $10, if you can imagine. The following professional walkie-talkie review will help you to separate the good from the not quite as good, and will help you to get the best one that’s right for you, or to purchase one as a gift. 


Rechargeable Walkie-Talkies Review

The best rechargeable walkie-talkie is the Midland LXT600VP3, because the charger is included in the purchase price, and the unit can also use disposable batteries, ensuring that communication won’t be interrupted. This is great for campers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts who will not have electricity available to charge their walkie-talkies.

The best walkie-talkie for your buck is the Midland LXT600VP3 for $40.00+. It out features the other devices and has a great built-in emergency system. It is equally effective and useful for outdoor/recreational entertainment, as well as for construction companies, etc.

Best Walkie-Talkie for Kids

The best walkie-talkie we recommend for kids is BELLSOUTH T388. It is an inexpensive model that has a decent range for kid play, up to 3-5km, which is just far enough away to still have fun and to be safe too. What’s especially fun for kids is that the walky-talky has 2-way audio and video capability; Parents appreciate the fact that the BELLSOUTH T388 walkie-talkie doesn’t require data or Wi-Fi to communicate wirelessly. Consumers can expect to pay right at $20 for the walkie-talkie. Kids can play with the units inside and out.

Recommended Walkie-Talkies

We highly recommend any of the walkie-talkies that are listed in this review. There’s not one we wouldn’t recommend, as each has proven capabilities, good design, and durability. You may decide that one is better overall, as it relates to your budget, recreational habits, or professional business. Each is a high-quality walkie-talkie, including the least expensive Midland GXT. 

As aforementioned, it is imperative that consumers determine how and why they will purchase a two-way radio. If you’re purchasing for business, then we suggest a higher-end model, while you may choose to purchase a less expensive unit for a child, or perhaps especially not the Motorola MS series that was manufactured with some lead. 

If your recreational or professional habits don’t include water, then you are certainly safe in purchasing a walkie-talkie that isn’t waterproof. However, if distance/range is of particular importance, then Uniden’s 50-mile coverage is a crucial selling point for your needs. 

If we were forced to choose one walkie-talkie over the other, then the Cobra CXT 1000 Series would be our choice. It is a good price with great features for the amount of money you will spend. The private channel capability is a plus, along with waterproofing, and emergency alerts. It is also the best walkie-talkie in terms of coverage, reaching a maximum range of 37 miles. Additionally, we love the emergency features, which are very important to every outdoorsman, especially in regards to accessing weather alerts and keeping up with conditions before they arrive. FRS and GMRS frequency is also a fantastic feature, and hands-free capability is a must. 


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